Residential IT Services

Innovative Technology Solutions provides a wide range of residential IT services. Through our partner programs with many different IT services, we are able to partner and make sure that you have a technician on site when it's convenient for you. Check out our Residential services below for more information.




On-Site Service

There is nothing more convenient than not taking your computer to a repair shop. With our wide range of onsite service contractors we can come to you any time.


Whether it is more convenient for you during the day or later in the evening, we have technicians available. 




Call us or visit our Contact Us Page to inquire today!!!




Repair Center Shipment



   Our repair center provides you with the best possible solution on a computer that doesn't need to be rushed. You ship the computer to one of our                                     authorized repair centers using the box we provide you. When it's complete and paid for, it is shipped right back to your door. This saves you the time and hassle of taking it to a repair shop. 


Use the contact us page to inquire today!!!





Visit or Retail Store for Drop-Off


Our Retail store will be opening soon. Check back soon for more details.


In the mean time, check out our other options above!!

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