Step 1:

Purge, previous year’s IT Files

            While this doesn’t need to happen on January 2nd each year, it should be done before the end of January. It is understood that Financials don’t end on December 31st of each year, so your financial drive should be one of your most critical moves. While new year files need to be created, the old year files need to be accessible as well. A proper IT Team should be able to help you create new structures and restrict old structures that allow your finance department to finish off their previous year’s work while creating and moving forward with the new year. If you are un-sure how to proceed with properly protecting your data, contact your Managed Service Provider today.


            While moving network drive data is important, you need to make the next step and protect that data for the future. While most Managed IT service providers should give you backups as a normal operation, a special archive backup typically needs to be requested.

Step 2:

Create an onsite and offsite archive of your data

            As a managed service provider, we have been asked time and time again for previous years data. Typically, these requests are for legal purposes. They range from criminal charges against an employee to a lawsuit filed by a client. Maintaining documentation in it’s proper form is very important to almost ALL businesses.  As a yearly process you should request your Managed IT provider to provide a “snapshot” backup of your network drives. This will give you a backup for each year of all records. You should always ask for that data to be provided on an external hard drive and then request a cloud service to hold the archive as well.


Finally, now that you have all of your data protected, this is the best time to optimize the servers and network environment. While most managed service providers should be offering your company monthly server maintenance, a yearly deep maintenance is always important.  Think of this like replacing damaged equipment each year. For example, replacing a damaged file cabinet or a damaged desk. It’s hard to conduct business when your desk is broken or unmaintained.


Step 3:

Perform Deep Maintenance and System Upgrades

            Most companies find that the winter months are the slowest for them. Post-holiday season and most people are trying to recover from the trips and family visits. This is the best time to consider the needed changes to make your company a success in the new year. Think about what has been nagging you all year and you just haven’t had time to fix it. Is your network slow because your switches are outdated, do you need to upgrade your Internet speed with you Internet Service Provider (ISP), or how about the server that is still running Windows Server 2003 and is no longer secure in your environment? Ask you MSP for quotes on these items early on to allow time for implementation before you become busy again. Make the most out of your slow times to bring a successful new year.


While 3 simple steps seem to be a minor task for a business, these 2 steps can make a major impact on the success of the future of your company. Don’t let your slow time become your SLOW time. Upgrade your IT infrastructure now, protect your data, and make simple changes to your network for a successful new year.  If your company needs help with any of these tasks, contact Innovative Technology Solutions, LLC at (248) 301-1378 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also visit us online at for more information.


Innovative Technology Solutions is a full service Managed IT provider. We provide Managed IT services to our clients and each of these above steps are offered and provided to our clients each year. These services are a huge benefit to each of our customers every year.  Most clients are provided this service as an included benefit to their Managed Service Contract, however hardware is provided as an additional cost. Contact us for more information.

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