Starting Your Year Off with These Critical IT Processes

By: James Bowers
Innovative Technology Solutions, LLC


            Welcome to the first business day of 2018. While a lot of businesses are either still off for an additional day, or just coming back to begin a very new year. Each new year created additional challenges and changes for a business. Some of those changes are in the ever-changing world of Information Technology (IT). While we become a more technologically advanced world, simple tasks that were once managed in the paper world are “forgotten” in the IT world.

            When most people think of a network drive, they think of an endless storage space where they can put everything they possibly want to save. But in the world of technology everything is created to make a former solution better. For example, a network drive replaces the former file cabinet. The documents saved in those drives the former paper documents and the folders inside those drives are like the folders in your file cabinet. With that in mind, most companies purge all the previous year’s files from the file cabinet to an offsite storage location, or at a minimum a box. What about in a network drive? Do you purge your previous years files each year? Do you maintain a file structure that allows easy access to files for years to come but at the same time, relocate former years files?


Recently I was speaking with another technician about an issue he was having with an iPhone. The tech was stating that his cell phone is getting 100 characters in each text message of garbage. I asked the technician if he had run a virus scan and malware scan on his phone.  He responded with a laugh and said, “yeah right.” Most businesses, users, and EVEN technicians believe that Mac’s are virus proof! I hate to tell you… that isn’t true!

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    In today's world everyone uses technology.  When is the last time that you picked up your cell phone, or got on the computer?  Every industry is changing with how it handles the IT industry.

Although there is a lot of negatives to technology in a child care center, there are a lot of reasons that it should be part of your daily operation. Below is a chart of technology uses in the child care industry according to The Child Care Information Exchange:

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